Dr. Stephen Peters - The Reality of Now


Dr. Stephen G. Peters says Laurens County School District 55 is rolling into place the latest plans to improve the educational experience.

“We are excited about being able to ‘advance our important work’,” the Superintendent said. “Our work should always be ‘student-centered.’ Our district, like many others, slips into an ‘adult-oriented’ culture. and in doing so, loses its effectiveness. We are implementing systems this year, after preparing our district’s culture for these systems, to have a positive impact and the ultimate results we are seeking.”

In his third year at the helm, Peters feels the time is right to respond to what he has learned.

“My first year in L55, I listened and learned,” he said. “My second year, we began preparing the district and school culture for change. This year is a year of seeing the results of all the hard work our teachers and staff have put in. Nothing is more frustrating than working really hard and not getting the results you deserve.

“Our work going forward must be different and will be. We have scheduled a drop-out retrieval walk to go to the homes of our identified students who have left our district for whatever reason. We will re-enroll them and now must provide a different pathway for them. We cannot expect our students to return to the same system they left. So, we will offer twilight/evening school, virtual school experiences and other options for them. In addition, we will open the doors of our schools to help their family members gain GED’s or diplomas themselves. Often times, empowering the family inspires the student who has struggled in school.”

The district office will send directors and coordinators (assistant superintendents, among them) into classrooms for all-day teacher observations.

Peters listed as his primary goals for the district this year: (1.) to provide a safe and orderly environment for teaching and learning, (2.) instruction, and (3.) accountability.

“Every level of our school district must improve,” Peters said, “and I hold myself responsible for leading this effort. Our students deserve the best education that can be afforded them, and I will fight for that and them every day I breathe. We will hold each other accountable for providing a great educational experience for every student, every day.

“We must do this work together.”