Since November 3, those involved with the Capital Project Sales Tax have been working hard to put together a plan for the next stages.

The tax does not start until May 1, 2021, which means the first revenues may not be received until August of 2021. Once the revenues start to come in, they are sent to the County Treasurer who then distributes the revenues to the entities through the payment of invoices. 

For the Laurens County projects, county officials are getting the overall strategic plan in place on how and when they will implement those projects.

County Administrator Jon Caime hopes that he will have that strategy ready for County Council to review as early as January 2021.

Caime said, “It is my opinion we need to carefully plan out the County projects strategically and transparently.”

Parallel with the implementation planning they are also planning out the financial aspects. The projects will be bonded out in one or more bonds.