SC House Representative Stewart Jones, of District 14, recently announced his endorsement of Sheriff Don Reynolds for Laurens County Sheriff. 

“As we see issues and oversteps in law enforcement around our country, I am thankful that we have a Sheriff in Don Reynolds that believes in our Constitution and upholding due process while at the same time protecting the people and property in Laurens County. He truly understands the proper role of law enforcement.

"As a former Laurens County council member, I saw Sheriff Reynolds bring a new level of accountability to our Sheriff’s Office. I continue to be pleased with the work that he and his team does for the people of our county.

"I’ve seen him stand with the people in defending their First Amendment rights, Second Amendment rights, and by defending due process in general.

"I am proud to stand with our Sheriff, Don Reynolds and ask that you support him in the June 9 Republican primary.”