The Laurens County Republican Party will hold its next meeting at the Laurens County Museum (Witherspoon Building on Main Street, Laurens) on Tuesday, November 12, at 7 p.m.

Lynne West, the Director of Laurens County Voter Registration and Elections, will attend the meeting and demo the new voting machines. She will also discuss the need for and importance of having trained poll workers. She will provide an overview of the process of sign-up, training and the work to be done on election day. 

Local leader and former chair of the Laurens County Republican Party, Bobby Smith, will present the program for the meeting. His presentation and the discussion following will center around the need for conservative principles in local government.

The Republican Party platform describes the principles that define conservatism within the federal and state governments, but what do those principles look like at the local level? Do conservative principles come into play in County and city councils or on school boards?

For more information about the Laurens County GOP, please contact Brenda Stewart at 864-449-7700 or