Laurens District 55 High School (LDHS) and Rotary Club of Laurens recently recognized the top ten students in each grade level for the 2019-2020 school year.

Because of current public health and safety concerns, Laurens Rotary was unable to hold their annual luncheon. This year, Rotary and Laurens District 55 High School released the names of the students, and provided each with a letter and certificate from Rotary Club of Laurens, as well as a commemorative pin from LDHS.

Seniors will also receive a gift certificate to a local restaurant in lieu of the annual luncheon.

Senior Class:

Abell, Frank Lleyton

Bettger, John Leon

Fulmer, Abigail Malyn

Fulmer, Alicia Faith

Hardy, Hannah Feagin

Hunt, Imani Khya

John, Robert

Rogers, Kaitlyn McMurray

Ward, Mary-Frances Mackenzie

Zou, Changfeng

Junior Class:

Armon, Henley Lou

Collins, Sarah Taylor

England, Cole Christopher

Liner, Christopher Cade

Lollis, Jenna Reed

Partee, Casey Elizabeth

Reynoso, Nancy

Robertson, Taniya Ania

Rush, Richard Murphy

Thomason, Logan Alexandra

Sophomore Class:

Bettger, Matthias Sebastian

Diaz-Reynoso, Paola

Edwards, Jackson Cole

Floyd, Sa'Nya Denise

Jenkins, Anna Corrine

Little, Catherine McKenzie

Owens, Emily Grace

Sharp, Ethan Ashby

Taylor, Anna Grace

Thurston, Emilie Faith

Freshman Class:

Garrett, Emma Caroline

George, Kamryn Danielle

Harshaw, Morgan Christine

Hunt, Omar Chaucey

Jenkins, Stella Morgan

Kellett, Kayla Rene

Neely, Mykayla Le'Bertha

Partee, Erin Finley

Powell, Anna Grace

Whitten, Abigail Elizabeth