Laurens Sings finalists will get one last chance to impress the fans and the judges and make it into the Top 10 on Thursday night at the Laurens Amphitheater. 

The top 12 finalists will hit the stage at 6:30pm and perform one song each.

Voting opens on Thursday night and concludes at midnight on Sunday night. The judges’ votes account for 51 percent of the total while online voting accounts for 49 percent of the total.

After the third round, the top 10 finalists will be ranked 1 through 10 and the top-ranked performer wins $100.

Laurens Sings is a singing competition open to ages 8 and up. Laurens Sings offers participants a chance to sing each week during the three-week preliminaries. Thursday night is the final preliminary of the season. 

The Top 10 will perform in the finale on June 28. The winner will be announced at the Riverfront Freedom Festival on July 3. The winner of Laurens Sings will receive $1,000.

Laurens Sings is sponsored by the Laurens Parks and Recreation Department and

The Top 12 finalists (in order) are:

  1. David Henry
  2. Adrienne McWhorter
  3. Nicholas Smith
  4. Mason Copeland
  5. Mary-Kate Kennedy
  6. Randy Holdway
  7. Hunter Tippins
  8. Ayden Sellars
  9. Ane' Panapa
  10. Ryan Miller
  11. Autumn Kennedy
  12. Courtney Barbrey