Jeffrey Carroll

Jeffrey Carroll

Jeffrey Carroll, who lives in Gray Court but is Director of Emergency Services in Spartanburg County, is about to be the District 5 representative on Laurens County Council.

Carroll easily won the Republican primary on Tuesday, defeating incumbent Keith Tollison and Dale Mitchell. Carroll avoided a runoff with Tollison by receiving 50.47 percent of the vote to the incumbent’s 29.49. Mitchell had 20.04 percent.

Provided the Laurens County Election Commission’s review of provisional, failsafe and contested ballots certifies that Carroll won a majority, he faces no Democratic opposition. The certification should be a foregone conclusion as no such ballots were listed in the totals for the District 5 race.

The vote totals were Carroll 486, Tollison 284 and Mitchell 193. Unofficially, Carroll has nine more votes than Tollison and Mitchell combined.

Carroll won six precincts – Barksdale-Narnie, Owings, Gray Court, Youngs, Ora-Lanford and Long Branch – and the absentee ballots. Tollison won Wattsville and Joanna. Mitchell won Laurens 6 and Clinton 1.

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Kemp Younts led the District 1 vote but will face a June 26 runoff against Susan K. Thackston, who ran second in a field of four. Younts received 353 votes, or 40.44 percent, to 253 (28.98) for Thackston, 146 (16.72) for Adam Howell and 121 (13.86) for Ryan D. Thorne.

Younts won three precincts – Jones, Owings and Greenpond – as well as absentee ballots. Thackston won Cooks and Youngs. Howell won Gray Court.

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The state representatives in two of the districts, Mike Pitts in 14 and Mark Willis in 16, ran unopposed. They will be joined in the county’s House delegation by Doug Gilliam.

Phillip Russell won the county vote in District 42, where Democrat Mike Anthony is retiring, but Union County voters overturned that result. No Democrat ran, and Laurens County’s GOP votes went mostly to Russell (57.73, 381) over Doug Gilliam (35.91, 237) and Brooks Carwile (6.36, 42). All three are Union County residents.                                                                                  

In Union County, Gilliam amassed 1,431 votes to 793 for Russell and 178 for Carwile. As a result, across the district, Gilliam was easily the winner with 1,668 votes to Russell’s 1,174. He won 54.47 percent of the total result.

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The total voter turnout in the Republican and Democratic primaries was 20.76 percent. Almost three quarters of the 7,576 who voted did so in the GOP primary.