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The Woodlawn Ramblers Riding Club and the Whitten Center Parents’ Club are teaming up, once again, to host the annual Bub Lollis Fall Memorial Ride through the SCDDSN – Whitten Center facility.

Motorcyclists from all over will gather and ride in support of those living with intellectual and developmental disabilities. On Sunday, Oct. 28, from noon until 2:30 p.m., bikers, volunteers, friends, family, staff and residents from Whitten Center will enjoy great food, fun fellowship, and live music with the Bad Weather States Band at The Depot in Downtown Clinton.

Donations of athletic team sportswear, athletic equipment (balls, gloves, activity sets, etc.), and winter gear are requested for Whitten Center residents.

Engines will start at 2:30 to begin the ride from downtown Clinton down Hwy. 76 through the SCDDSN-Whitten Center facility. In years past, there have been as many as 400-plus motorcycles and ATVs participate in the parade for the residents and community.

Riding through the Whitten Center grounds with the wind in your face and seeing the smiles on others is such a heartfelt experience in itself," said Woodlawn Rambler club member James Lollis. Lollis is the son of Mr. Bub Lollis, the mastermind of the original event. The ride is now in his memory.

The residents not only enjoy the donated items, but thoroughly enjoy the sights and sounds of the motorcycles visiting the campus. Residents and community members line the sidewalks of the facility to watch and wave as the parade of cycles comes through.

The big smiles on those faces that line the streets on this day, rain or shine, makes me come back year after year,” said Lollis. “Old, young, rich, not so rich, true bikers, weekend riders and every sort in between … not many have I seen leave these grounds without tears in their eyes. It means so much to these residents for our effortless support.”

For more information on participating in the ride, please contact James Lollis at (864) 993-3718 or Coleton Lollis at (864) 993-5422 with Woodlawn Ramblers Riding Club.

To get information on getting involved at Whitten Center, please contact Tara Glenn, Director of Volunteer Services and Staff Development, at (864) 938-3407 or tglenn@ddsn.sc.gov.