junk food

In what we feel should be a national holiday, Wednesday, July 21st is National Junk Food Day.

Each year, National Junk Food Day allows us to munch on food that normally should not be a part of our daily diet. Junk foods typically contain high fats, sugars, salt, and calories and very little nutritional value.

Junk foods can be found everywhere. From the convenience store to your local fast food joint, potato chips, ice cream, baked goods, candy bars and much more are a part of our everyday life.

How can I participate in #NationalJunkFoodDay? Here’s how we see it…eat your favorite junk food, share your junk food on social media using #NationalJunkFoodDay and throw a junk food party.

Why do we love National Junk Food Day? That’s easy…no calorie counting, everyone can cheat on this glorious day and it allows you to satisfy that craving.

Now we want to know what your favorite junk food is. Vote in the poll and check out the results.

Junk Food