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With COVID-19 causing attendance limits on sporting events, the local high schools had different results in revenue for the 2020 football season.

The Clinton Red Devils went to online ticket sales for varsity football games only. They were able to sell $18,355 worth of tickets. This amount does not include the number of tickets sold to students. This was down from $27,807 in 2019. Both years had a budget of $45,000.

The total revenue from 2020, including middle school and JV football, was $31,499.80. This was down from $48,468.86 in 2019.

Athletic Director Louie Alexander said that this “certainly affects the budget for the rest of the year.”

For Laurens District 55, they were able to generate close to what they expected for football season. The attendance numbers at games were close to what they average on a normal year.

“With our capacity being set at 1,200 kept things average for us, also, we were able to add an extra varsity home game and an extra home JV game. We are very thankful to our local business partners who continued to support Raider athletics during these tough times,” said Athletic Director Tommy Spires.

“All of our athletic programs are self-sufficient, meaning they all support themselves through fundraising, ticket revenue, and sponsorships,” he continued. This means no other teams depend on football to cover expenses.

Where they are beginning to see trouble is with the winter teams, where capacity is smaller inside.

“With the cost of travel, equipment, officials, security, necessary PPE items, and attendance being down, it will be a struggle to generate revenue for these teams in the next few months if we continue to see an upward trend in COVID-19 cases,” Spires said.

“We are very proud of our coaches and athletes for what they continue to do daily just to get to play.”