Thomas Jones

Laurens’ Thomas Jones has been ranked as one of the Miami Marlins top 50 prospects but now he is back home after Major League Baseball shut down due to the Coronavirus.

Jones, a third-round draft pick of the Marlins in 2017, was at spring training in Jupiter, Florida when the news broke that spring training was being canceled. 

“Honestly there wasn’t anything said, just a lot of talk coming from social media. And I knew some actions were gonna take place once MLB said something. Nobody actually knew what was going on,” Jones said. 

Players were not given a timetable to leave but were told to find a safe place to stay. 

A minor league player in the New York Yankees organization tested positive this past weekend. Jones said they haven't heard about testing for other minor league players. 

Jones isn't sure what the delay of the 2020 MLB season will lead to for the minor league levels but says he just misses being on the field. His plans for the near future is to just continue to work out. 

His message to the fans is ”just simply to be safe.” 

Major League Baseball announced today that the season is pushed back until mid-May at the earliest. They have not detailed how this start date will affect the minor league teams.