GREENVILLE – The Laurens District High School wrestlers continued their surge on Saturday with four victories in five matches at the 13th Red Raider Rumble, hosted by Greenville High School

Laurens (19-12) defeated Wade Hampton 48-32, Greenville 61-17, Ridge View 60-24 and Blue Ridge 48-32. Greenwood, which LDHS must face on the road Thursday in a crucial Region 1-5A match, slipped by the Raiders, 41-39.


Laurens 48, Wade Hampton 32

132: Brian Sheffield (LD5H) over (WAHA) (For.) 138: Kindley Dill (WAHA) over (LD5H) (For.) 145: Myles Reppart (LD5H) over Jeremyah Epps (WAHA) (Fall 1:25) 152: Andrell Terry (WAHA) over Landon Ford (LD5H) (Fall 2:51) 160: Jacob Busche (WAHA) over Robert Lawson (LD5H) (Dec 9-4) 170: Edward Shirley (WAHA) over Zachery Neal (LD5H) (Fall 0:52) 182: Jake Liptak (WAHA) over Zachary King (LD5H) (TF 16-0 0:00) 195: Christopher Hostetler (LD5H) over Jamison Wilfork (WAHA) (Fall 2:11) 220: Kole Lawson (LD5H) over Christopher Yanez (WAHA) (Fall 1:04) 285: Austin James (LD5H) over Joey Sprague (WAHA) (Fall 1:03) 106: Nathan Lindley (LD5H) over   (WAHA) (For.) 113: Forest Baker (WAHA) over Stetson Dawson (LD5H) (Fall 1:28) 120: Pedro Juan (LD5H) over (WAHA) (For.) 126: Lucas Tatham (LD5H) over Jaden Brown (WAHA) (Fall 3:35).

Laurens 61, Greenville 17

120: Pedro Juan (LD5H) over John Enderlin (GREE) (Fall 1:11) 126: Lucas Tatham (LD5H) over Michael Southerland (GREE) (Fall 0:40) 132: Brian Sheffield (LD5H) over Zavion Bryson (GREE) (Fall 1:43) 138: John Enderlin (GREE) over (LD5H) (For.) 145: Myles Reppart (LD5H) over Sean Linnane (GREE) (Fall 0:14) 152: Robert Lawson (LD5H) over Ryan Pruett (GREE) (MD 14-0) 160: Cowan McCall (GREE) over Landon Ford (LD5H) (Fall 2:11) 170: Zachery Neal (LD5H) over Andrew Warfuel (GREE) (Fall 2:11) 182: Breshad Williams (LD5H) over John Lyda (GREE) (Fall 1:31) 195: Christopher Hostetler (LD5H) over (GREE) (For.) 220: Kole Lawson (LD5H) over Edwin Ramirez-Perez (GREE) (Fall 0:43) 285: Dontavius Daniels (LD5H) over Matthew Lindrum (GREE) (Dec 7-0) 106: Jonathan Sligh (GREE) over Nathan Lindley (LD5H) (TF 17-2 0:00) 113: Stetson Dawson (LD5H) over Noah Kessinger (GREE) (Fall 1:11).

Laurens 60, Ridge View 24

113: Ben Maco (RIVI) over Stetson Dawson (LD5H) (Fall 2:59) 120: Pedro Juan (LD5H) over (RIVI) (For.) 126: Lucas Tatham (LD5H) over (RIVI) (For.) 132: Brian Sheffield (LD5H) over Joshua Holmes (RIVI) (Fall 0:45) 138: Mekhi Lynch (RIVI) over (LD5H) (For.) 145: Myles Reppart (LD5H) over Joshua Williams (RIVI) (Fall 1:46) 152: Tian Sewell (RIVI) over Landon Ford (LD5H) (Fall 1:49) 160: Robert Lawson (LD5H) over (RIVI) (For.) 170: Zachery Neal (LD5H) over Charles Davis (RIVI) (Fall 1:14) 182: Christopher Hostetler (LD5H) over (RIVI) (For.) 195: Zachary King (LD5H) over Dorayn Murphy (RIVI) (Fall 3:18) 220: DaJohn Williamson (RIVI) over Kole Lawson (LD5H) (Fall 0:35) 285: Dontavius Daniels (LD5H) over Shamarr McQueen (RIVI) (Fall 1:46) 106: Nathan Lindley (LD5H) over Justin Lauderbough (RIVI) (Fall 2:27).

Laurens 48, Blue Ridge 33

106: Maddox Wells (BLRI) over Nathan Lindley (LD5H) (Fall 1:15) 113: Stetson Dawson (LD5H) over (BLRI) (For.) 120: Pedro Juan (LD5H) over (BLRI) (For.) 126: Lucas Tatham (LD5H) over Isaiah Corthell (BLRI) (Fall 5:16) 132: Brian Sheffield (LD5H) over (BLRI) (For.) 138: Owen Wallen (BLRI) over (LD5H) (For.) 145: Myles Reppart (LD5H) over Dylan Parnell (BLRI) (Fall 0:45) 152: Xavier Rogers (BLRI) over Landon Ford (LD5H) (Dec 5-1) 160: Robert Lawson (LD5H) over Aidan McMahan (BLRI) (Fall 3:53) 170: Kaleb Horn (BLRI) over Zachery Neal (LD5H) (Fall 1:25) 182: Christopher Hostetler (LD5H) over Adam Congreve (BLRI) (Fall 0:46) 195: Bryson Head (BLRI) over Breshad Williams (LD5H) (Fall 4:40) 220: Ronald Mackey (BLRI) over Kole Lawson (LD5H) (Fall 4:45) 285: Austin James (LD5H) over Garrett Hallex (BLRI) (Fall 0:29).

Laurens 41, Greenwood 39

138: Adam Clinemyer (GREE) over (LD5H) (For.) 145: Silas Lee (GREE) over Myles Reppart (LD5H) (Fall 4:45) 152: Robert Lawson (LD5H) over Bradford McCaslan (GREE) (Fall 2:41) 160: Rasitlyn Lee (GREE) over Landon Ford (LD5H) (Fall 1:24) 170: Zachery Neal (LD5H) over Mikevious Hanson (GREE) (Fall 1:01) 182: Christopher Hostetler (LD5H) over (GREE) (For.) 195: Breshad Williams (LD5H) over Anderius English (GREE) (Fall 3:05) 220: Kole Lawson (LD5H) over   (GREE) (For.) 285: Austin James (LD5H) over (GREE) (For.) 106: Carter Anderson (GREE) over Nathan Lindley (LD5H) (Fall 0:49) 113: Jacob Smith (GREE) over Stetson Dawson (LD5H) (Fall 0:45) 120: Pedro Juan (LD5H) over Lee Duncan (GREE) (Dec 7-1) 126: David Laughlin (GREE) over Lucas Tatham (LD5H) (Fall 1:24) 132: Jaqion Williams (GREE) over Brian Sheffield (LD5H) (TF 15-0 0:00).