The South Carolina High School League (SCHSL) Executive Committee held a ZOOM meeting earlier today to discuss fall sports and a pending legal matter.

After much discussion concerning increased COVID-19 cases across the state, the committee voted to make the SCHSL Return to Play Guidelines a requirement, superseding the previous status of recommendation, effective immediately. This means that schools that do not follow the guidelines as written or do more than what the guidelines allow, will be in violation  of League rules for holding an illegal practice.

Violation(s) of the practice rules orchestrated/initiated by school personnel will subject the school to sanction(s) by the South Carolina High School League.

Any school allowing an illegal practice will be subject to the following penalties:

1 day in violation/1st occurrence per sport -$500 fine and team loses 1 day of practice and limited to 1 pre-season scrimmage.

2 days in violation/2nd occurrence per sport -$500 fine and team loses two days of practice, limited to one scrimmage, cannot host any events and cannot be the home team during the playoffs.

3 days in violation/3rd occurrences per sport-$500 fine and team loses three days of practice, limited to one scrimmage, cannot host any events, and cannot participate in the post-season.

“The safety and health status of our student-athletes and coaching professionals are our primary concern. We are facing a complex future, but I whole heartedly believe in our membership to do what is in the best interest of the individuals and communities of South Carolina," states Jerome Singleton, SCHSL Commissioner.