County Council allocates money for roads, economic development


Laurens County Council approved a standardized pay plan for Emergency Medical Service employees, setting compensation at a market level by comparing the pay in surrounding counties.

The approved rates are yearly salaries of $32,000 for an EMT (emergency medical technician), $34,000 for an EMT-A, $44,000 for a paramedic, $45,000 for a paramedic FTO, $49,000 for a paramedic LT and $52,000 for a paramedic captain.

Comparing the base-level pay, Laurens’ $32,000 EMT salary is in comparison to $32,000 in Spartanburg County, $30,235 in Greenville and $28,850 in Greenwood. The base pay is actually being reduced from $34,000 here, but the paramedic scale, for instance, will be raised from $42,485 to $44,000.

The terms listed above are part of a career-ladder system also approved by council.

In the reports section of the meeting, Director of Public Works Dale Satterfield has asked the Laurens County Water and Sewer Commission to waive water, sewer and water-capacity fees amounting to $8,000 in order to encourage further growth in the northern part of the county. Council approved $15,892 to make up for LCWSC’s expenses and to upgrade the Northern Laurens County Emergency Building.

Council also took up new business, approving funding for an Ora Community Park and a renegotiated patient reimbursement rate agreement with Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

In the comments section of Tuesday’s meeting, Chairman David Pitts stressed the need for the six-member panel establishing how income from a proposed one-percent local option sales tax in the county to begin work soon. The panel will consist of three representatives from the county, one each from the cities of Laurens and Clinton and one from the county at-large. Its members have not yet been selected. The proposed sales tax will go in front of voters in November 2020.

In other news, county Administrator Jon Caime was eliminated from consideration for a similar post in Horry County, whose council voted on Tuesday to promote its interim administrator, Steve Gosnell, to serve officially. Caime had been one of five people interviewed for the job.