Laurens County comes together each year at the Oyster Roast.

There’s just something about the interaction of oysters, chicken stew, shrimp boil and frosty beverages that fosters togetherness.

The Laurens County Chamber of Commerce somehow manages to bring together Laurens and Clinton; Clemson, Carolina and PC; black and white; rich and poor; collars white and blue; Republicans and Democrats; men and women; married and single; beer drinkers and teetotalers; The Tiger, Cocky and Scotty; WYFF and WHNS; and everyone gets along.

Somewhere on the grounds, a dog and a cat probably got along famously.

It was really quite extraordinary.

It was the highlight of the season. It would have been the highlight of any other season.

As no less an expert than Carole King sang:

Talkin’ ’bout sweet seasons on my mi-hind

Sure does appeal to me

You know we can get there easily

Just like a sailboat a-sailin’ on the-huh sea

On Thursday night on the Chamber and Laurens County Development Corporation grounds, it was officially a Fan Challenge, which is why the attendees were decked out in gaudy colors and more gaudy colors were on sale.

What changed? Nothing substantial, other than the crowd being greater than the year before. Channel 4’s weatherman, John Cessarich, is retiring, so Chris Justus was there, posing for selfies with the county’s best, brightest and most hilarious. The weather was perfect right up to the point where Justus headed back to Greenville, undoubtedly a harbinger of rain that only fell when it was time for everyone to go home, anyway.

Isn’t fun the greatest thing you can have?