The folks on the Square said they vaguely recalled Homecoming Parades at Laurens District High School, but none of them could remember when exactly they were.

Suffice it to say, it wasn’t the first, only the first in a while. This parade provided a symbolic kickoff to a week culminating in an official one at K.C. Hanna Stadium come Friday night.

Basically, they lined up the prettiest vehicles, most of them convertibles, and the prettiest young women climbed in, and the Raider Band led them into town via West Main Street, looped around the Square and proceeded to the District 55 offices.

The band is accustomed to marching, and the sleek automobiles were powered by internal combustion, so the floats and the walkers fell a bit behind. The parade developed about a quarter-mile gap in its middle.

One float included one of the world’s smaller boxing rings. Others were crowded with students wearing costumes, conjuring up Halloween. A would-be pirate ship sailed past, and teams of athletes strolled by, waving and urging the fans to come out Friday night and whip up on some would-be Patriots from J.L. Mann.

By the time the cheerleaders arrived, waving pompons from high above the crowd on a glittering firetruck, victory already seemed inevitable, which was the whole point.