The Glenn family could be dubbed as a multigenerational baseball family. Carson Glenn, junior on the Clinton High School Varsity Baseball Team, and Jaydon Glenn, freshman on the Clinton High School Varsity Baseball Team, have been playing ball since they were about three years old. Their father, Graig Glenn, played four years of varsity baseball at Clinton High School as well as four years of college baseball at Spartanburg Methodist College and North Greenville University. Their "Pop," Billy Glenn, played from age nine to 18, also playing on the Clinton High School Varsity Baseball Team.  

The Glenn brothers were playing with the Red Devils this past Tuesday, May 22, as they captured the AAA Baseball State Championship. This was monumental for their family, as their "Pop" won this same championship with his Red Devil team exactly 62 years ago in 1961. 

The Clinton High School Red Devils started their 2023 championship series on May 20, traveling to Hanahan High School in Charleston, South Carolina. Clinton won 17-3. Hanahan traveled to the Upstate to play Clinton High School on May 23, with Clinton winning 5-4 and sweeping the series for a state championship.  

"It's unreal (to win the same championship that my Pop did); it's the best feeling I've ever had. He's always been one of the biggest motivators and helpers in my career," Carson Glenn said. "I keep looking at the video of the last out and all I can see is how happy everybody was. It just brings joy to my heart."

Jaydon Glenn agrees, stating that this experience was one that most people do not get, as the brothers were able to win the same championship as one of the people who cheers them on the most.

Their grandfather's love for baseball played a big part in both of the Glenn brothers' baseball careers, with his grandfather owning a batting cage, helping to coach them and attending most games. Jaydon Glenn echoed this sentiment, saying that their father and grandfather both helped to get them to the place they are in their careers, allowing them to get to the point where they are skilled enough to win a state championship with their team.

“I don’t know how you can describe it; it’s just thrilling," said Billy Glenn. "It’s something I never expected to happen. You don’t think about the team doing that well, and your grandsons being involved in it. It was really exciting, and I appreciate being able to be a part of it.” 

Carson Glenn played a large part in this championship win, as he pitched for the Red Devils for seven of the eight games in the playoffs. 

"It was very nerve wrecking (watching my brother pitch the final out). When he does a pitch, I know he's going to do good, but I am very superstitious, so I try to stay in one spot. Once he got that final out, it was all relieved," Jaydon Glenn said. "He got to do something that most people don't get to experience; he went out there and played a great game and had a big effect on the team. I'm proud of him."

Carson Glenn has played on the Varsity team for three years, and this is Jaydon Glenn's first year. Jaydon Glenn says his first varsity season has been great, especially because he got to win the championship alongside his brother. He hopes to do this again for one more year, playing alongside Jaydon Glenn during his senior season.

Jaydon Glenn says that, although winning alongside his brother and celebrating the same championship win as his grandfather has been great, it's also been great to celebrate with the whole team because they all worked hard to achieve this monumental win for the high school.

"I practice with the team almost every day after basketball, and I knew it was a special team because they went out there every day and grinded and practiced hard, and the coaches helped a lot," Jaydon Glenn said. 

Carson Glenn echoes this, saying that he has grown close to each of the players on the team, seeing them as more than just his teammates.

"I've been playing baseball for as long as I can remember," Carson Glenn said. "I love playing; my (teammates) are all my family now."

After his final year of Varsity Baseball, Carson Glenn says he hopes to advance to college baseball like his father. As for Jaydon Glenn, he sees this championship as only the beginning of a successful career on the Clinton High School Varsity Baseball Team.