Destination Powersports Thunder Bomber:

Lawson doubles up at Laurens County Speedway! The night kicked off with heat racing which saw Chris Patterson and last weeks feature winner Dan Lawson making up the front row. Lawson who has had great success in 2021 looks to continue a thriving season, while Patterson looks for his first win of the year. The field rocketed into turn one to kick-off the night of racing with Lawson grabbing the lead down the backstretch. Patterson would quickly get back to the bumper of Lawson, hounding the veteran for the top spot. Further back, defending track champion Reid Neaderhiser was all over Daniel Overstreet for the fourth spot. Lawson & Patterson swapped fast times on track, with both cars under a blanket lap after lap. Neaderhiser had a close moment as he nearly lost his car in turn one, but managed to keep it straight. As the main event clicked away, the story remained the same up front. Patterson could get to the bumper of Lawson's No.88 machine on corner entry, but couldn't hold the power down to make a move. Lawson separated by a car length in the final two laps & scores consecutive wins at the Darlington of Dirt! Patterson rolls home second, Scott “Porkchop” Pulley brings home a quiet third place finish. The top two finishers would be protested for fuel, but results would be final as both Lawson & Patterson passed inspection.

Stock 4:

Mr. Wilson catches a lucky break, snags dramatic win in the Monster Mini four cylinder division! Heavy hitters would make up the front row with “Hot Rod” Rod Tucker & Phillip Wilson taking the top two spots with wins in their respective heat races. Wilson and Tucker have won nearly every weekly race this season in the stock four division. As the green flag dropped, the front row of Tucker & Wilson separated quickly. Tucker continued to hold a car length lead over Wilson, but both drivers ran nearly the same lap times. The two would get side by side off of turn two has Tucker moved up the hill after slight contact with Wilson, but a caution would end the battle. JR Baker & TJ Teal would mingle in turn two, sending Teal around for a quick spin. Both cars would continue. On the restart, the dynamic duo of Tucker & Wilson soared to the lead once again. The back half of the field could be called a frenzy at best. Four cars including Teal, DJ Caraway, Miles Mintz & Dakota Wilson bunched up lap after lap, which eventually lead to a spin by Mintz that brought out the second yellow of the night. New restart, same story. Tucker & Wilson pull away quickly, but couldn't pull away from each other. Tucker had a few moments as his car got high in turn two, nearly brushing the wall. The white flag flew, but the race was far from settled. Tucker flew high into turn one, ending up in the wall off of turn two. Wilson would sneak by on the bottom side, as Tucker would slow with a steering issue. Wilson scores the victory in a wild finish, as JR Baker steals away a second place finish. Scott Nelson would come home third, with Rod Tucker slowly crossing the line in sixth.

Thunder Bomber Futures:

Grant Burton steals the show once again, scoring Saturday's Thunder Bomber Futures main event victory! The futures were back in action Saturday night, and per usual a show was unleashed. A familiar name to racing, but new to LCS this season was Charlie Meinders, who scored the inside pole by winning his heat race. Joining him on the front row would be Grant Burton after battling back from an early race spin. Meinders & Burton would lead the field to green and put on a battle to boot. Both drivers ran side by side for the top spot & even made contact into turn one on lap two. The action would be stalled as Caston Gibert went for a spin in turn two bringing out the caution flag. With the field re-racked, Chris Rooney flew the green flag again. Meinders got the early advantage, but Burton was quickly in tow. Ricky Phillips made an aggressive move into turn one as he dove to the bottom & slid up the track in front of Tyler Smith. Smith would make contact & check up as the duo settled into position. A lap later, the caution would come out again for another solo spin. Meinders would lead the field back to green with 9 of 12 laps remaining. The leaders would get away cleanly, but the same couldn't be said further in the field. Phillips would again go low & stack up the field off of turn two. DJ Crawford & Tyler Smith would get bogged down with Smith making contact with the outside wall. Smith would get the car back straight, but not before Lil Man Trammel would go for a spin to avoid. Trammel went down the track collecting Gibert in the process. After the clean-up, Meinders and Burton battled again. Burton continuously got to the bumper of Meinders but lost the nose mid-corner allowing Meinders to slip away momentarily. Two laps later, Burton was back. Meinders would have to play defense again, but Burton finally got along side. The two raced side-by-side for laps with Meinders' car throwing sparks nearly every corner. Meinders would continue to battle, but Burton would finally win the war. Grant Burton scores yet another victory at Laurens County Speedway with Meinders holding onto second.

Southeastern Open Wheel Modified:

The Southeastern Open Wheel Modified Series made it's second ever stop at the Darlington of Dirt Saturday night. Currently, the Southeastern Series is the only open wheel car series to race at Laurens County Speedway. Fifteen drivers signed in for the main event, with the night beginning with heat racing to determine starting position. Herb Sizemore would win heat race number one to secure his front row starting spot, as Jeff Robinson comes from third to first to roll off second. On the start of the feature, Robinson & Sizemore dove into turn one remaining side-by-side for nearly a lap. Robinson would power down off of turn four completing the pass & taking sole possession of the top spot. The first yellow of the night would drop with Kyle Deese & Paul Martinez coming together in turn two. Back under green, Robinson quickly snatched the lead again. Further back, Tanner Nation, Speedy Ballman & Knuckles Shurling would tangle, but somehow remain straight heading into turn three. Chris Stowe would make things interesting for third, catching Herb Sizemore for the third spot & making the pass off of turn two. Stowe would continue to march towards the front, using a lapped car as a pick to pass Hank Taylor for the second spot. Stowe would set his focus to race leader Jeff Robinson & receive a gift a lap later. The second caution would fall with Donny Hollis stalling his car in turn two. Robinson's 5.5 second lead would be erased, putting Stowe to his back bumper for a restart with 11 laps to go. Robinson chooses the inside leaving Stowe up top. Turns one & two would remain calamity corner, with the back half of the field being choked up after contact between Speedy Ballman & Tanner Nation. Both drivers would continue, but the No.1 car of Travis Young went for a spin bringing out another yellow. Robinson would get another clean restart, but the battle for third would heat up between Sizemore & Taylor. Sizemore would use the high line to grab the position as another caution would fly with Martinez around in turn two. With 8 laps remaining, Robinson looked to put an end to the main event as the field went green once more... he'd have to wait. Nation & Ballman had battled hard all night, which came to end as both made contact in turn one, sending Ballman up the hill and into the outside wall. Something broke immediately as Ballman couldn't get off the wall & eventually stalled. His night would be over. Back to green, the field would get another lap in with Robinson leading the way. Sizemore would get squirrely & lose control, bringing out the yellow with 7 laps to go. The field would go back racing, but the trend would continue. Another yellow flies as Knuckles Shurling & Nation go around in turn three. The field goes back green, with Robinson once again growing his lead. Stowe falls back to third, as Taylor climbs to second. Robinson takes the white flag... but the race wasn't over! Another caution falls leading to a green, white, checkered finish. As quickly as the field went green, the field went yellow. Sizemore spins on the restart, setting the field up for another double file restart. Drivers would get one last attempt at a green, white, checkered finish... and the attempt would finish the race. As the field came off of turn four, Shurling would get sideways, bringing an end to the night with a caution. Jeff Robinson leads flag to flag, with Hank Taylor finishing second. Shurling would be moved to the rear after the caution, putting Stowe in third.

Front Wheel Drive:

The Mack attack is back! Front wheelin' and dealin', another hot night for the front wheel drive gang. After a couple of heat races, the bad fast cars of Wayne Taylor & Mason Mack would make up the front row for the feature event! Both front row starters would work at a snails pace to bring the field to green, but the action came quickly. Mack would get to the bumper of Taylor off of turn two forcing Taylor to make a save & settle into second. Mack would take the lead & stretch it for a moment. Mack was the fastest car on track, but the first caution would fly as Steven Collins stalled on track. On the restart, the caution would drop quickly with Joel Cabe taking a rare spin in turn one. Cabe's run of good luck would come to an end as his car could not be re-fired, forcing him to head to the pits. Cabe returned later in the main event, but was multiple laps down. Back green, Taylor was prepared for battle. Taylor hounded Mack for the top spot, continuing to apply pressure on corner exit. Taylor couldn't take advantage, allowing Mack to build his lead again. As laps clicked away Taylor could maintain pace, but couldn't find the speed to close in on Mack. Mack takes the win, Taylor second with Colt Strickland finishing third.

602 Crate Late Model:

Hot Rodin' with a hot shoe, Rod Tucker dominates 602 main event! No mystery machine needed, as Rod Tucker does what he does best... drive racecars fast. Tucker set the fast time in qualifying by running a 15.528 in his No.83 Scooby-Doo machine owned by Jim & Deb Blackwell. Travis Sharpe would join him on the outside front row. As the feature got under way, Tucker flies to the lead on the bottom. Sharpe tried to keep pace, but Tucker had other plans. Tucker pulls away by a couple car lengths and proceeds to run his fastest lap of the night. Chris Norwood looked to pounce on Chuckie Duncan for the third spot, but couldn't find a way around. The field would settle in single file with Tucker beginning to deal with lapped traffic. Traffic or not, the result would be the same... Tucker leads flag to flag to stroll to another 602 crate victory & rebound from a rough night in his Stock 4 ride. Travis Sharpe brings home second, Chuckie Duncan rounds out the top-three.

Limited Late Model:

The 45 comes alive, Colt Smith earns elusive Limited Late Model win! The Limited Late Models capped off the night once again with a great show in tow. Colt Smith finally called his shot, running a 14.935 to score the pole for the feature. Smith edged out Deano Long who would line up second with a 15.002. Under green, Colt Smith found grip down low & cleared Deano Long off of turn two to claim the lead. Madness broke out as Deano Long got sideways and collected Frank Coates & Dale Timms in the inside wall. Miraculously, Coates would pull down the front stretch with minimal damage. Long would also continue, with Timms receiving the short end of the stick. His car would be towed to the infield, putting a quick end to his night. On the restart, a party of three broke loose with Smith, Long & Coates going three wide off of turn two for the race lead. Smith would clear the others with Long settling in second. As the field got single file, Austin Watkins would go for a spin, bringing out the second yellow of the night. Smith would lead the field back to green, and in the lead he would remain. Smith was able to put some distance between himself & Long, aiming to score his first career win in the Limited Late Model division. As halfway approached, Matt Dean would stall, bringing out another caution. Quickly back to green flag racing, Long looked to take advantage of Smith, but couldn't find the speed. Smith holds the lead again, as Long looked to hold off Coates for second. Laps would click off quickly, and before you knew it the white flag was in the air. The three time defending 602 Crate champion, Colt Smith, scores his first Limited Late Model feature win! Long & Coates would round out the top three.